Working together with BMW Authority Vehicles.

BMW Authority Vehicles don’t just deliver outstanding performance; they are also extremely economical to operate. Low fuel consumption, long service life, minimal running costs and high resale values all combine to ensure that in the long term, an investment in BMW Authority Vehicles pays off any way you look at it.

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BMW Authority Vehicles are in service all over the world. They fulfil different roles and functions in different countries – and BMW always fits them out in a way that is tailored to their intended use. Of course, this means painting them in the correct colours and fitting the right sort of flashing lights and sirens. But it also means ensuring they have the right specifications and specialist equipment. There are, however, some attributes they all share – dynamic performance, responsiveness and economical running costs.


Only BMW offers Authority Vehicles with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers all the special equipment for official use. To ensure the same high levels of safety as with its standard models, BMW subjects its Authority Vehicles to a punishing series of tests once all the modifications have been incorporated.

This programme goes far beyond statutory minimum requirements, with crash/sled and roll/roof strength testing to ensure the vehicles can fulfil their intended function in any conditions.

The Condition Based Service system and the availability of Original BMW Parts for all official-use special equipment minimise downtime while maximising performance and cost-effectiveness for all BMW Authority Vehicles.


BMW Authority Vehicles don’t just deliver outstanding performance, they are also extremely economical to operate. Low fuel consumption, long service life, minimal running costs and high resale values all combine to ensure that in the long term, an investment in BMW Authority Vehicles pays off any way you look at it.

  • Low maintenance requirements

    Condition Based Service extends maintenance intervals to reflect the vehicle’s actual needs, meaning that every BMW Authority Vehicle gets exactly the servicing it requires – nothing more, nothing less.

  • Reduced running costs

    Original BMW Service, Original BMW Parts and a long-term BMW warranty covering all official-use equipment reduce the cost of running the vehicle and help to maintain higher resale values.

  • Unrivalled fuel economy

    BMW EfficientDynamics technologies such as High Precision Injection in petrol engines, common-rail diesels, and the Auto Start Stop function minimise fuel consumption and reduce emissions.


BMW EfficientDynamics stands for a corporate strategy of the BMW Group, which always follows the goal to combine best efficiency and maximum dynamics. It covers all measures that are consistently focused on both increasing efficiency and increasing dynamics of all BMW vehicles at the same time. This affects the overall vehicle concept, the powertrain and the energy management, such as the intelligent lightweight construction, aerodynamics, BMW eDrive and BMW TwinPower Turbo engines. The result is not a compromise, but pure driving pleasure. Therefore BMW EfficientDynamics effectively bridges the gap between employee motivation and cost optimisation.

  • The overall vehicle concept

    Intelligent Lightweight Construction:
    Using the right materials in the right places, depending on the function. Created by an intelligent mix of various materials such as steel, aluminium and carbon fibre there is not only a light and efficient overall structure. Each model from BMW assures high rigidity for optimum driving dynamics and driving pleasure.

    By perfectly matched aerodynamics measures an optimised air resistance is reached. Detailed solutions such as the flat underbody panelling, the Air Curtain in the front apron and the Air Breather behind the front wheelhouse are responsible for ensuring a low drag coefficient, which has a positive effect on the efficiency and the consumption of the BMW vehicle.

  • The drive concept

    BMW TwinPower Turbo:
    The multiple award-winning petrol and diesel engines with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology are among the innovations from BMW EfficientDynamics. They combine the latest fuel injection systems, fully-variable performance control and innovative turbocharger technology and therefore offer typical BMW torque with low consumption.

    BMW BluePerformance:
    This technology reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) generated by diesel engines to a minimum. While the combustion process itself is not affected, the diesel engines’ high degree of efficiency is preserved. . BMW models equipped with BMW BluePerformance meet the requirements of the EU6 emission norm, which demands a reduction of NOx emissions.

  • Intelligent energy management

    Brake Energy Regeneration:
    Brake Energy Regeneration ensures that kinetic energy released when braking or slowing down is saved in the vehicle’s battery, where it’s available at any time to increase the overall performance.

    ECO PRO mode:
    With the ECO PRO mode, a press of a button is all it takes to gear all vehicle systems towards efficiency – and make intelligent use of energy reserves. In order to do this, intelligent energy management reduces the comfort functions according to the driver’s needs. In addition, the driver receives tips for particularly efficient driving via the Control Display, to help increase the maximum range.

    BMW eDrive:
    A completely new dimension of driving pleasure: the drive concept BMW eDrive, including an electric motor, a high voltage battery and the intelligent energy management, boasts impressive dynamics and, when driven in purely electrical mode, is locally emission-free. The newly-developed synchronous electric motor dazzles with enormous torque that remains constant from acceleration to maximum speed – for sustainable mobility with overwhelming agility.


BMW ConnectedDrive – a technology packet full of services, apps and Driver Assistance systems you can fully rely on. They manoeuvre you through the jams, keep you at a safe distance when necessary and react with lightning speed in hazardous situations. And with the innovative vision assistant technologies in your BMW, you always keep everything in view. Services & Apps from BMW ConnectedDrive offer you a variety of daily information like news and weather, or transfer personal data to your BMW − stay fully up to date at all times and enjoy a new experience with every trip.

  • BMW Night Vision

    A revolution in safe driving at night: BMW Night Vision with Dynamic light spot increases your awareness of hazardous situations. A thermal imaging camera detects any pedestrians or animals in the dark and displays them directly on the Control Display. They are then selectively illuminated by a high-power spotlight. As a result, you get a particularly clear view of everything that you shouldn’t miss at night. And the light provides an effective warning for pedestrians and animals.

  • Intelligent Emergency Call

    The intelligent emergency call automatically establishes a connection with the nearest rescue coordination centre through the BMW Call Centre whenever needed. It transmits information regarding the vehicle’s current location and the severity of the accident. The intelligent emergency call can also be activated manually.

  • Active Protection

    Reacts precisely to every hazard: in a critical situation, Active Protection initiates measures to protect you, such as tightening the seat belts, placing the seats upright and closing the windows and sunroof. After an accident, automatic braking can bring the vehicle to a standstill, thus preventing or reducing the likelihood of follow-on collisions. In addition, the Attentiveness assistant recommends breaks whenever there are any symptoms of fatigue to prevent hazards arising in the first place.