Here are the answers to questions frequently asked by BMW business customers.

If you wish to purchase vehicles from BMW Austria as a business, this section will provide important information about sources and your contacts.

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  • Our company needs several cars a year. What do you recommend?

    Our business customer concept will certainly be of interest to you. Please contact your BMW partner, who will be pleased to explain the advantages for BMW business customers in detail.

  • We are a mid-sized company, and our headquarters is in Austria. We are interested in BMW cars, and we intend to register them in Austria (headquarters in Austria). Who should we contact?

    Please turn to the BMW dealer of your choice. If you are not a BMW customer already, simply use our BMW dealer locator.

  • Can I choose my own BMW dealer, or do I have to get my vehicles from specific dealers?

    The choice is yours. Any BMW dealer in Austria can serve you as a business customer.

  • What happens if my company expands and I need more vehicles?

    Buyers of three or more vehicles a year have the option of concluding a business customer agreement. For more information, please contact your local BMW dealer and the business customer section of our website.